Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility


Following persons are eligible for free legal services at Socio Juris:

  • Victims of Rape and Harassment

  • Accused of crime who are in Jails without trials and have completed maximum term provided for the alleged offence.

  • Indingent Persons who are unable to afford litigation (Criminal Matters and Matters relating to the infringement of fundamental rights)

About Socio Juris

Socio Juris is a nascent law firm founded in 2011 which offers a variety of services in the field of law and litigation to individual as well as corporate clients.

Office Address- 1

401, Crown Square,
Gandhi Path, Vaishali Nagar,

Office Address- 2

66, Khadi Colony,

Jodhpur Office

361, Mohan Nagar- B,
Pawta B Road, BJS Colony,
Jodhpur- (Rajasthan)